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YJ Replacement body panels

Jeep YJs are known to be dependable rugged workhorses, and you’ll see thousands happily romping up and down trails any given day.  After all that abuse, it’s normal to have dinged up fenders, rocker panels, hoods, and tailgates – but don’t worry, it’s easy to replace the body panels on a Wrangler YJ!

Just look through the list below for replacement body panels, fenders and more for your 1987-1994 Jeep Wrangler YJ:

[phpbay]yj, 10, “33644”, “bumper flare flares”[/phpbay]
[phpbay]yj, 20, “36475”, “flare flares”,,,100[/phpbay]
[phpbay]yj, 10, “33645”, “”,,,100[/phpbay]
[phpbay]yj, 10, “33646”, “hinge hinges”,,,99[/phpbay]
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