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Rubicon Express Lift Kits for the Wrangler YJ

Designed to be durable with optimum flexibility, as well as drivability, Rubicon’s Extreme-Duty kit will transform your YJ into a potent off-road performer. The Rubicon Express Lift kits for Jeep Wrangler YJs are one of the most complete lift kits on the market for the person who is serious about using their Jeep on the trail and not just as a boulevard cruiser.

Rubicon Express SK010504RXT 4.5" Twintube Shock for Jeep YJ
218.35 click here to buy Rubicon Express SK010504RXT 4.5

Rubicon Express RE1131 Sway Bar
117.76 click here to buy Rubicon Express RE1131 Sway Bar

Rubicon Express RE1430 2.5" Leaf Spring for Jeep YJ
88.15 click here to buy Rubicon Express RE1430 2.5

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